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Transparency, Farming

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2011 – 2012



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Harvest Pavilion Change this

Kunshan, China
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Sited in an Eco-farm alongside the Yang Cheng Lake, Kunshan, the project consists of 4 small scale public buildings: a club house, a harvest pavilion, a botanical showroom, and an information center.

The harvest pavilion appears a simple, light, and translucent cuboid, with a horizontal thin plane hovering at the top, flying parallel with the horizon in the distance. The plane, made of pre-fabricated aluminum rods, cantilevers out at 4 sides at various depths. The space below becomes a transition zone from the interior to exterior, and promotes the potential activities because of the pleasant shadow casted by the canopy. The building façade system consists of vertical laminated bamboo louvers, floor-to-ceiling frameless glass panels, and pivoting glass doors. The transparency and lightness of such a material combination visually fuse the building volume with its surrounding landscape, and make the architecture sensitive to light. Under the condition of nice weather, when the pivoting glass doors are all rotated to open, the indoor space is literally stretched out into the farmland.



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