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Cultural Center, Circus

Project timeline

? – 1971


Culture & Entertainment

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Вернадского пр., 7
119926 Moscow

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Bolshoi Circus

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Great Moscow State Circus Change this

Moscow, Russia
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The Great Moscow State Circus (Russian: Большой Московский государственный цирк на проспекте Вернадского) is an auditorium in Moscow located at the Vernadsky Prospekt. It was opened 30 April 1971. It was constructed by Y. Belopol'sky, Y. Vulykh and S. Feoktistov.
It can seat up to 3,400 people and the height of the amphitheatre is 36 metres. Performances are held each day in the afternoon and evening.
The circus building has 5 arenas (equestrian, water, illusionist, ice rink, and light-effect), located 18 metres below the floor, which can be swapped during the performance.


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