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March 20th, 2019

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Due to the positioning of the building volume on the property, a large coherent space is created between the newly build fire station and the recently completed service point.

The architecture of the fire station is homogeneous and compact. Different height requirements result in a mezzanine, which is oriented to Nottendorfgasse. The thermally separated tower functions as a second escape staircase and anchors the building clearly to the building site. A clever roof construction creates a protected atrium situation on the roof terrace, which avoids noise disturbance from the south-east tangent as well as summer overheating of the rooms. The facade is created with regard to a high demand on functionality. The choice of materials as well as the architectural structure of the facade ensure a long technical service life, durability and an ecological use of resources. The entire building is manufactured in precast twin walls. A structure of reinforced concrete columns and beams, form T-shaped ceiling beams together with the reinforced concrete ceiling, allowing a span of approximately 18.50m with a grid of 5.20m. The horizontal reinforcement is ensured by the reinforced concrete walls and ceilings.


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