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Brutalism, Concrete, Prefabricated

Project timeline

1973 – 1974


Culture & Entertainment

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Av. Simon Bolívar
41750-230 Salvador

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Exhibition Centre Salvador da Bahia Change this

Salvador, Brazil
by Joao Filgueiras Lima Change this
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The building is suspended entirely above the ground. It is embedded in two identical side towers, from which there are rods that collaborate in the stability of the building, which develops in symmetrical balance sheets with inverted volumes. In each tower there is a cylindrical void whose diameter measures four meters. One of the towers houses the stairs; in the other tower was installed an elevator.

The building was executed in apparent concrete molded in loco. It presents a rectangular plant of fifty-two meters of length by nine meters of width. The exhibition hall is covered in pyramidal form, which illuminates the enclosure through a skylight. The average height of the exhibition area is six meters. The amphitheater is shaped by a volume of inverted pyramid, creating an inverted symmetry with the volume.



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