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1996 – 2012



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Rauchstr. 1
10787 Berlin

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Nordic Embassies

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Nordic Embassies

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Embassies of the Nordic Countries Change this

Berlin, Germany
by Berger + Parkkinen Change this

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The complex is formed by six building in total, consistig of five Nordic embassies Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland and a common building called 'Felleshus'. The buildings are encircled by 226m long copper band. Berger + Parkinnen won the competition for the entire complex and the common building. The design for the five embassy buildings were then individually awarded to architects in the five respective countries. Each individual embassy is placed in the correct geographical location within the complex which adds to the overall concept.

The copper band is the structuring element of Berger + Parkkinen's design. It links all six buildings within the complex. It transforms the scale of the individual buildings and coherently brings them together in a fluent and continuous movement. The project is located next to Tiergarten and the linking copper element further conveys an appropriate urban presence.

The band is composed of a series of copper lammelles (louvre windows) which form an openable facade that also offers privacy. The single lamelle can be moved horizontally to let the light play with the architecture in front of and behind the copper band and to allow the passer-by to see ever different views from the same angles of the complex.

The Individual Embassy Buildings

- The Danish Embassy was designed by 3XN
- The Royal Swedish Embassy by Gert Windgardh
- Icelandic Embassy by PK Honun
- Norwegian Embassy by Snøhetta
- Finnish Embassy by Viiva Arkkitehtuuri Oy


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