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Modernism, Demolished Buildings, School, Modern Architecture, Renovation

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1965 – 1970


Education & Research

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Koroška ulica 12
4280 Kranjska Gora

Current state


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Josip Vandot Elementary School Kranjska Gora

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October 27th, 2020

Elementary School Kranjska Gora Change this

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
by Majda Dobravec Lajovic Change this

Elementary School before renovation

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Josip Vandot Elementary School Kranjska Gora was a fine example of modern regional architecture in Slovenia. The architect continued rich architectural tradition of the Upper Zasavska valley and at the same time took over the characteristics of traditional architecture in the area. She continued with characteristic varied articulated building volumes, gabled roof slopes, wooden formwork and textured fasade solutions. The floor plan and interior design, however, favored the function of the space.

Unfortunately, school was unprofessionally rebuilt and renovated in later years, without the consent of the authors. In 2013 it was partially demolished - old gym, kitchen, dining room and rooms on the first floor and attic above them were removed.

In its place, a new gym was built with auxiliary rooms for the needs of kindergarten activities within the school, auxiliary rooms for children in the first three years and reconstructions of the existing central parts of the school. The new part has nothing to do with the design of the volume and the use of materials with the existing architecture, thus losing an important aspect of the modern building.


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