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Baroque, Grűnderzeit, Biedermeier

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Dresden Barockviertel

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Dresden Baroque Quarter Change this

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A great fire destroyed Altendresden on the right bank of the Elbe in 1685. By rebuilding the neighborhood as the »New King's Town«, Augustus the Strong made his dream of a Baroque residence come true. Oriented toward the central axis of the Japanese Palace, Königstrasse was built in 1731 according to Pöppelmann's design. The unbroken rows of patrician houses, restored at great expense, provide a good impression of how Dresden used to look. The many inner courtyards are also worth a glance. Some accommodate tucked-away restaurants, while others invite you to spend some time shopping in their elegant boutiques and passageways full of stores.

The charm of this unique area is the individuality, diversity and the typical charm of Dresden's lifestyle.

Rambles through the small lanes and courtyards with their caringly restored architchture, housing a diversity of places for creative arts and antiques, offer a wealth of pleasure and impressions to Dresden Visitors.

The Baroque quarter is located vis-à-vis the famous Old City (via Augustusbrücke) on the other side of the river Elbe, nearby the statue of the „Golden Horseman“.

International cuisine and selected boutiques are part of the quarter's vitality. The old trees, the church, the well and Dresden's oldest theatre truly provide and unforgettable setting. Here Dresden's past and present fuse impressively.



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