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San Francisco has become emblematic of the difficulties of managing rapid urban growth. The influx of tech jobs and wealth from these industries has caused rents and housing prices to soar to the highest in the country, yielding widespread gentrification and socio-economic homogenization. Domestic Affairs is a series of collaborative projects that examine new forms of affordability by renegotiating density and the city. With the SF Planning Department and the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR), Urban Works Agency has created two design-research exhibitions on bottom-up techniques of densification achieved through accessory dwelling units (entitled Urbanism from Within) as well as top-down, large scaled density that examines latent air rights capacity through the city’s Affordable Housing Bonus Program (entitled The City and the City). Both scales of investigation use design as a vehicle for inserting density into the city and create humane conditions for an equitable city.


  • Urban Works Agency (UWA)


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