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International Bauausstellung 1987, Social Housing, IBA 1987, Housing

Project timeline

1990 – 1993



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Stresemannstrasse 105-109
10963 Berlin

Current state


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Stresemannstrasse Apartments, Wohnhof Block 2

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March 06th, 2020

Degewo Residential Building Change this

Berlin, Germany
by Zaha Hadid Change this
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Dagewo project is one of the first built designs of Zaha Hadid, completed within the International Building Exhibition Berlin 1987 - IBA Berlin 1987.

For IBA Block 2, so-called "women's block", building by and for women was a topic to be addressed. The fact that young Zaha Hadid was selected for a contribution corresponded to the international and artistic claim of the IBA 1984/87. As an urban accent, the brass-clad structure marks the corner of Stresemannstraße and Dessauer Strasse, before being transformed into a three-storey residential and commercial building on Stresemannstrasse. As with the neighboring buildings, emancipatory living was also identified as a project goal of IBA, in addition to the block repair. However, the architect, who also described the block as a "leper colony", was critical of the thematic positioning of her project as "Women Building for Women". She saw the building and its expressive design as an attempt to create new architectural spaces, which ultimately led to a "spiritual liberation".

Disagreements became obvious during the construction of this avant-garde house. Although it emphasized its sculptural and urban qualities, the architect's drawings were considered unfinished. Floorplan solutions and living spaces were consistently regarded as conservative and unconvincing. Because it was financed as social housing, the corresponding requirements had to be complied with. This made it particularly difficult to demand the demonstration of new forms of housing. The architect was unable to realize her ideas and resigned before the Berlin authorities.


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