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Coastland is an architectural research project. Initiated by an enquiry into the image of architecture, this investigation reveals the complex case study of the socialist leisure facilities on the Western Black Sea Coast. The vast political mechanism, the social discrimination and the hyperreal narrative of the seaside holidays start to contextualise and give depth to the cliché depictions of the promised paradise. Architecture played a key role in the creation of the socialist leisure dream and the postcard was equally important in disseminating it. For the purpose of this research, the author compiled a collection of over 150 original postcards circulated between early 1960s throughout the late 1980s. These served as a basis for the design project that communicates the research findings through a short fictional documentary, thus combining historical analysis with speculative design methodology. In the film Coastland, the story of the Western Black Sea Coast begins in a distant future and goes back to its roots, only to reveal cyclical destruction and rebirth.


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