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Architect Hiroshi Iguchi doesn’t believe that greenhouses are only for plants. That’s why he created the Camouflage House, and although the structure provides shelter for people, the architect incorporated an interior garden planted with trees that poke through the ceiling. The home resonates a minimalism expected of a Japanese home with an interior that offers a sleek combination of woods and paper screens that soften the aesthetic of the metal used to construct the greenhouse walls.

Giving the home a slanted glass roof, Iguchi had to be creative and resourceful with the interior in order to avoid creating leftover, unused space. The home was split into two levels. The first level is occupied by the living spaces, including the kitchen and dining area — and even a recessed seating area surrounded by a rock garden of sorts. Stairs partially hidden by a screen of vertical slates lead up to the flat and open second level providing a perfect flexible space for lounging and looking up towards the sky.



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