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Minimal Design, Contemporary Ethnic Design, Cafe Design, Ethno Minimalism, Travertine In Interior, Stone In Interior, Tufa Stone, Restaurant Design, Ethnic Design

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2006 – 2008


Culture & Entertainment

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Tverskoy bvd.

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Architects: Telemak ANANYAN, Gohar ISAKHANYAN
3d modeling and visualization: Karen AGHAJANYAN

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Interior Design of "Armenia" Store and "Yerevan" Café on Pushkin Square in Moscow, Russia
Address: Tverskoy bvd., Moscow, Russia
Area: 706.0 m²
Project year: 2006-2008

The project includes “Armenia” grocery store of a boutique style and Yerevan cafe-bar for 50 seats. The project was implemented according to the customer’s requirements in an austere minimalist style, using elements and principles of «High Tech» with delicate allusion to ethnic Armenian motifs of national architecture. In particular, related motifs and elements of Armenian architecture are used in the interior (cantilever staircase of Burtelashen chapel in Noravank monastery [14 century], vertical skylights on the main church dome of Khorakert monastery [13 century], wall lining with pure hewn white travertine, motifs of Lmbatavank Church [7 century] cornice in the light performance), other essential elements and colors of Armenian architecture, painting and taps.


Posted by yantramstudio | Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 | 10:33am
Spectacular work!!

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