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Australia, Mini, Environmentally Sustainable Design

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? – 2009


Private House

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Bridge House Change this

Adelaide, Australia
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Bridge House is located one hour’s drive from Adelaide. The property has dense, natural forests with a bend in the winter creek that divides the property, which creates a waterhole bounded by a high rocky bank. A house was required that would allow appreciation of the site without spoiling its beauty, but at a budget comparable with a “prefabricated” dwelling or an “off the plan” developers design.

A thin, narrow house structure is strategically straddles the creek like a bridge, leaving the ground below untouched. The building has glazing along each side, opening the house to views in both directions, giving the feeling of living amongst the trees.

Two steel trusses forming the primary structure, were fabricated off site and erected by two men and a crane in two days. They were anchored by four small concrete piers, poured each side of the creek. Spanning between the trusses is a concrete floor slab on steel decking with a layer of rigid insulation. The “box” walling and roofing is plantation pine.


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