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January 2nd 2016 – December 6th 2016



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Architectural Rendering of Patio Area

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Beverly Crest is located on very desirable plot in the hills above Santa Monica. This luxury residence occupies a dramatically steep hillside featuring spectacular panoramic views across the city of Los Angeles. The beautifully curved contemporary facade maximizes these views to the front three levels of the house, whilst providing complete privacy and a reduced profile, from neighboring parcels, to the single-story back. The site’s dramatic topography makes this house’s design unique following a sloping form making entry to the third-story garage possible from street level. From there, a curved staircase leads down over an illuminated water feature, and on into the spacious interior living space.

The interior design responds to three key elements: The building’s exposure to the ever-changing daylight qualities and views of LA; significant capacity for hosting functions with entertainment spaces and luxurious amenities including infinity pool; and the clients’ desire for the elegance and warmth of a well-crafted and comfortable home.

During the day the house is flooded with natural light with the interior walls and ceilings reflecting through a palette of light-toned and natural wood finishes rendering them reactive to their surroundings and to the changing qualities of daylight. At the front the stunning infinity pool stretches the full length of the house forming an arc penetrating out over the hillside offering swimmers incredible views. At night the illuminated water and city beyond provide an inspiring backdrop to the upper level terrace, which functions as an entertainment space complete with manicured planted trees, illuminated cocktail bar, and art gallery.


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