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1963 – 1969



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Bat Yam

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Bat Yam City Hall, Municipality Bat Yam

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Bat Yam Town Hall Change this

Bat Yam, Israel
by Zvi Hecker, Alfred Neumann, ... Change this
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Zvi Hecker founded a firm with Eldar Sharon (until 1964) and Alfred Neumann (until 1966). The physical and economic conditions in Israel at the time, allowed them to complete a fair number of works in a relatively brief period of time, which brought international attention.

Their joint works include the Bat Yam City Hall. Their designs shared aspects in common with the metabolist movement, borrowing metaphoric shapes from nature for use in planning morphological structures. The modularity of these works, such as the Dubiner House, provided an architectural precedent for the Habitat 67 project by Moshe Safdie.

The Bat Yam town hall, or municipality building, is an avant garde gem of 1960s modernist architecture. Located in the town of Bat Yam, just south of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, this building has seen considerable decay until recently when it was re-recognized as an architectural achievement. The distinctive wind shafts have been destroyed.

Currently a new municipality building is in the works and the old one is being considered for re-use as an art museum.


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