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2008 – 2008



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Via Andezeno, 52
10023 Chieri

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Stefano Pujatti, Corrado Curti, Manuela Luis y Garcia, Davide Musmeci, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo

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June 07th, 2017

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Chieri, Italy
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The project envisages two blocks that are very different from a formal point of view: one is concerned as a large showcase/plaza giving onto Andezeno street; the other is a sort of free-standing pavilion within the garden, which is open to the public and can be glimpsed from the road. The redevelopment of the street-front structure envisages the maintenance of all the various characteristic features of the central portion. To the sides, the outline of the original building will be changed by a floor-to-roof window looking towards the street and a shimmering surface of copper installed on the courtyard side of the structure.

The interior is open and hinges around a central space that reaches all the way to the roof and crossed by walkways. The window wall is cooled by a thin veil of water that will transform the entire front of the building into one monumental fountain. Thus the street becomes a sort of plaza, a public space that is a point of reference for the entire urban context. For its part, the pavilion within the garden - a fluid and articulated volume raised on large concrete pillars - is faced with rough brick that gives it a very tactile quality.


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