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Classical, Byzantine, Vernacular Architecture

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1970 – ?



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22100 Tripoli

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July 03rd, 2020

Agia Fotini Mantineias Church Change this

Tripoli, Greece
by Kostas Papatheodorou Change this

Agia Foteini Mantineias Church

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The Church of Saint Foteini in Mantineia, Greece is the work of architect - iconographer Kostas Papatheodorou .

Built between 1970 and 1980, it is an eclectic, monumental ensemble that fuses Classical, Byzantine and Romantic architectural styles, and incorporates radical ornamentation and iconography. The unusual construction methods and overall style of the church earned the respect and admiration of some - comparing it to a Greek Sagrada Familia - but also the scorn of others, who saw his work as too vernacular, or disrespectful.

Ancillary to the main church, there's a heroic altar and a rendering of Jacob's Well, both built in a classical style incorporating architraves and marble columns in the design.


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