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Industrial Design, AEG, Logo, Industrial Architecture, Rehabitilation

Project timeline

1909 – 1912



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Brunnenstraße 111/Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin

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Karl Bernhardt

AEG am Humboldthain Change this

Berlin, Germany
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Montage Plant

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The building complex first constructed by Franz Schwechten in 1896-97, was later reconverted by Peter Behrens.
The old factory for train material (1906-07 by John Kraaz)was reconstructed in 1911 by Peter Behrens. The high voltage factory, small engine factory, montage plant for heavy machinery and new factory for train material (1909-1912) by Peter Behrens and Karl Bernhard. In year 1928 the extension of the montage plant by Ernst Ziesel.

Apart from the mechanical engineering sector, especially the electronics industry significantly influenced the industrial development of Berlin. Behrens was commissioned by the firm AEG to build industrial buildings to became representative of this company and thus he started building a new model for industrial buildings that was bringing together industry and art. He started this way the history of industrial design.

The high voltage factory, was constructed of steel framework. Its composed by a double industrial hall and two multi story buildings. The absence of decoration is surely an indicating important element for the future, but at the same time is the reconquest of an ancient and primitive architecture concept art of building as well as the intuition of a new language. It shows monumentality through inmense staircase towers, large windows and front temple, in the language of Behrens of making together the ancient classical language and the modern parameters. The courtyard and the monumental facade area constructed of pillars framing large windows.


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