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Atlas Of Rituals, Collective Space, Urban Design, Forty-five-degrees North, Critical Urbanism, Future Architecture Platform, Radical Rituals, Research, Architecture

Project timeline

January 2020 – ?


Education & Research

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45º N


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Under Construction

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Alkistis Thomidou, Gian Maria Socci

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Future Architecture Platform


Article last edited by Bostjan on
May 22nd, 2020

35 Meridians of Radical Rituals Change this

Ongoing research on the inventiveness of everyday life.

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Along the 45° parallel from the Atlantic coast to the Black Sea, an itinerant survey on collective actions, heritage, and imaginaries that reinvent common space beyond identity and borders. Today, as “relationships have been converted to services and commons to commodities”, we are looking for urban rituals as critical alternatives to the commercialization of public space.

What collective actions nurture common space? How are technologies shaping new understandings of the commons? What pioneering spatial configurations are generated by cultural crossing and climate change?
This itinerant survey along 45ºN aspires to elevate an arbitrary line to a symbolic space. A path crossing climates, geographies and borders marked by socio-economic and geo-political struggles, where movements of people, knowledge and goods made the hybrid place we call Europe. Through the speculative power of architecture and anthropology we will narrate alternatives and theories of hope for space-making. We will outline the future of a hybrid urban culture where new traditions, memories and technologies shape radical practices of commoning grounded on spatial justice and environmental awareness.


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