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OVO Grabczewscy Architects

Katowice, Poland
est. 2002, Katowice

Barbara and Oskar Grabczewscy studied architecture in Technical University of Silesia in Gliwice 1988-1994. From 1994 - 2002 they worked in AIR Jurkowscy Architekci in Katowice.

OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci was established in 2002 in Katowice. They won multiple national and international..

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Daniel Languré

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1989, Mexico City

Bachelor of architecture at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in 2012, M. Arch at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2017. Founding partner in 2013 of the architectural firm Diseño Espacial located in Mexico City. Winner of the FONCA 2016 grant from the..

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Bernd Faskel

Berlin, Germany
born 1943, Bad Ems

Bernd Faskel obtained his diploma from the Technical University of Berlin in 1970. Until 1975 he worked as freelance architect in various working groups and architectural firms. From 1975 until 1980 he was an assistant at the Technical University of Berlin, in the fields of energy-saving..

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Alexis Josic

Paris, France
born 1921, Bečej

Alexis Josic was born in Stari Becej, Yugoslavia in 1921. He studied painting at the National Fine Arts School and at the Josic Fine Art School (founded by his father Mladen Josic) in Belgrade. Subsequently he was educated as an architect at the Technical School in Belgrade (1940-48).

In the..

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Myra Warhaftig

born 1930, Haifa

Myra Warhaftig was a German-Israeli architect, architectural historian and writer. She first studied architecture in Haifa, Palestine. After graduation, she worked in Paris in the office of Georges Candilis, Alexis Josic and Shadrach Woods, who among other things realized Rostlaube at the FU..

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Critical Concrete

Porto, Portugal
est. 2015, Porto

Critical Concrete is a project mixing a socio-cultural space and architectural experimentation in Porto. The concept is based on the synergy between popular formats and critical minds at the cutting-edge of artistic production and urban research.

The founder of Critical Concrete is Samuel..

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Klaus Zillich

born 1942

Klaus Zillich is an architect and professor of urban planning and architecture at the Technical University in Berlin.

Within the framework of IBA Berlin 1987, together with his office partner Jasper Halfmann, he created several buildings that, through their expressivity and ease, stand out..

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German architect, active in Berlin.

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