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Eleanor Raymond

Boston, USA
born 1887, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Eleanor Raymond (1887 – 1989) was an American architect with a professional career of some sixty years of practice, mainly in residential housing. She designed one of the first International Style houses in the United States, in 1931. She also explored the use of innovative materials and building..

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Frank van Klingeren

Rotterdam, Netherlands
born 1919, Rotterdam

Frank van Klingeren (1919-1999) was, unlike Herman Haan, a real outsider in the Dutch architecture scene of the 1960’s and ‘70’s. Trained as a construction engineer, he was a self-taught architect that kept away from architecture gatherings or cliques. He was more at home among people from..

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Herman Haan

Bandiagara, Mali
born 1914, Amsterdam

Herman Haan (1914-1996) is a typical ‘architect’s architect’, admired among colleagues, but hardly known by the general public. In his case it must be noted that he was actually very well-known in the 1960’s outside the profession because of the media attention (television, newspapers, books..

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Land+Civilization Compositions

Rotterdam, Netherlands
est. 2011, Rotterdam

Land+Civilization Compositions (L+CC) is a Randstad (in the Netherlands) and Istanbul based office led by Jason Hilgeford and Merve Bedir. The practice works and collaborates on issues related to built form, with a portfolio scope from research to design. The practice seeks to interactively and..

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Paris, France
est. 2006, Paris

In order to develop a more sustainable architecture and urbanism, Bellastock sets up different types of actions: annual festival of experimental architecture, experimental laboratory at the heart of a construction site, workshops with students, open workshops, workshops with schoolchildren .....

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Patrick Bouchain

born Paris

Patrick Bouchain is a French architect who designs situations as much as he designs buildings, taking on a number of other roles including that of developer, political advisor, site manager, fundraiser and performer.
With a background in theatre, circuses and urban festivals Bouchain approaches..

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Berlin, Germany
est. 1999, Berlin

Raumlaborberlin began working on the issues of contemporary architecture and urbanism in 1999. In various interdisciplinary working teams they investigate strategies for urban renewal. Raumlabor does urban design, architectural design, lanndscape architecture, interactive environments, art..

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Edvard Ravnikar

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1907, Novo Mesto

Edvard Ravnikar was a student of architect Jože Plečnik in the years 1938-39. In 1939 he studied for few months in Paris with Le Corbusier. With knowledge and experience that has accumulated in Le Corbusier’s studio, he created the new architectural school based on the contemporary architectural..

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