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John Macsai

Chicago, USA
born 1926, Budapest

John Macsai was born John Lusztig in Budapest, Hungary, on May 20, 1926. He enroll in the Atelier Art School, now the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He graduated in 1944 and was primed to become a successful illustrator or designer. During World War II, while Hungary was occupied by Germany,..

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Vito Acconci

Brooklyn, USA
born 1940, New York

Vito Acconci (b. 24 January 1940, d. 27 April 2017) was a New York-based poet, performance artist, and architect, whose artworks and architecture explored, often intimately, the interpersonal limits of public space. Best known for his performance works Following Piece and Seedbed, Acconci began..

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Giuseppe Pettazzi

Asmara, Eritrea

Giuseppe Pettazzi was an Italian Futurist architect of the 1930s. He was building during Italian Colonial Rule in Eritrea, Amasra. The city was a blank canvas for Italian architects who, from 1936 to 1941, were given the chance to dream a city into being. Their imaginations pushed the boundaries..

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Jose Antonio Coderch

Barcelona, Spain
born 1913, Barcelona

Jose Antonio Coderch studied at the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Two years after finishing his studies he established an office with Manuel Valls in Barcelona. He received several awards for architecture and design and Josep Lluis Sert proposed him as the member for Spain in the CIAM, the..

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Gizela Šuklje

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1909, Jelsa

Gizela Šuklje (March 25th 1909, Jelsa, October 31th 1994, Ljubljana) was a Slovenian architect. Born to middle class family started her studies at the Faculty of Technology Ljubljana from 1927-28 and graduated in 1932 as the first female student of Jože Plečnik. He considered profession of..

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Mimoza Nestorova-Tomić

Skopje, Macedonia
born 1929, Struga

Mimoza Nestorova-Tomić is a Macedonian architect, planner, and urban designer, who played a significant role in the masterplan and reconstruction of Skopje after the 1963 earthquake. Initially she worked specifically in the team for social planning with Polservice, the Polish consultants,..

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Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Berin, Germany
born 1781, Neuruppin

Karl Friedrich Schinkel (13 March 1781 – 9 October 1841) was a Prussian artist and architect. He was born in Neuruppin, Margraviate of Brandenburg. He became a student of architect Friedrich Gilly (1772–1800). After returning to Berlin from his first trip to Italy in 1805, he started to earn his..

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Norma Sklarek

California, USA
born 1926, New York

Norma Sklarek, a pioneer in the field of architecture, was the first licensed African-American female architect and the first black female fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 1962. After a year at Barnard College she enrolled at Columbia University's School of Architecture, an..

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