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Josef Frank

Vienna, Austria
born 1885, Baden bei Wien

Josef Frank (July 15, 1885 – January 8, 1967) was an Austrian-born architect, artist, and designer who adopted Swedish citizenship in the latter half of his life. Together with Oskar Strnad, he created the Vienna School of Architecture, and its concept of Modern houses, housing and interiors. Add to a collection


Berlin, Germany
est. 2019, Berlin

45° is an architecture and urban design practice dedicated to the critical making of collective space. 45° North: the watershed between the Mediterranean of our idealism and the Northern seas of our pragmatism, an arbitrary border that thousands of migrants dream and attempt to cross. 45° C: the..

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est. 2016, London

Lemonot is a design and research platform, founded by Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri in 2016. Fluctuating among London, Bangkok, La Paz and Italy - they investigate architectural production and its implications on other disciplines.

Sabrina graduated at the Architectural Association in..

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Morfi Thesprotias, Greece
est. 2018, Morfi Thesprotias

TiriLab, is an initiative and an open platform which explores multi-cultural heritage related to local technologies, gastronomy and culture specifics from rural communities in northwestern Greece. It is a joint venture of collectives and individuals, practitioners and researchers with focus on..

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Mimoza Nestorova-Tomić

Skopje, Macedonia
born 1929, Struga

Mimoza Nestorova-Tomić is a Macedonian architect, planner, and urban designer, who played a significant role in the masterplan and reconstruction of Skopje after the 1963 earthquake. Initially she worked specifically in the team for social planning with Polservice, the Polish consultants,..

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Spasoje Krunić

Belgrade, Serbia
born 1939, Nikšić

Spasoje Krunić was born on the 23rd of October in 1939 in Nikšić, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He lived and worked in Belgrade in the conditions of socialist Yugoslavia and today's Serbia. He was influenced by the modernist architectural movement, especially the architects Louis I Kahn, Frank Lloyd..

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Colectivo Warehouse

Lisbon, Portugal
est. 2013, Lisbon

Colectivo Warehouse is an architecture and art collective, formed in 2013.

In their search for what architecture is nowadays and what role the architects play, Warehouse fundaments its architectural praxis through design, experimentation, mediation, civic participation processes, collaboration..

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Joseph-Jacques Ramée

New York, USA
born 1764, Charlemont

Joseph-Jacques Ramée (April 26, 1764 in Charlemont, France — May 18, 1842 at the Chateau de Beaurains, Noyon) was a French architect, interior designer, and landscape architect working within the neoclassicist idiom. He was a student of the architect and landscape architect François-Joseph..

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