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Morfi Thesprotias, Greece
est. 2018, Morfi Thesprotias

TiriLab, is an initiative and an open platform which explores multi-cultural heritage related to local technologies, gastronomy and culture specifics from rural communities in northwestern Greece. It is a joint venture of collectives and individuals, practitioners and researchers with focus on..

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Urban Activation Unit

Berlin, Germany
est. 2020, Berlin

Urban Activation Unit or [UAU!] is a joint venture of practitioners, urbanists and educators aiming to embrace alternative pedagogical experiments and the qualities of third landscapes as ecosystems. UAU! challenges the established way of transferring knowledge acting as an open pedagogical..

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Christina Serifi

Berlin, Germany

Christina Serifi is an architect, researcher and urbanist. She isalso co-founder of TiriLab (Future Architecture Platform Fellow) an initiative which explores multi cultural heritage related to techniques, technologies and culture specifics from communities in northern Greece. Christina is..

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Ethel Baraona Pohl

Barcelona, Spain
born 1970, San Salvador

Ethel Baraona Pohl is a writer, critic, and curator. She is co-founder of independent research practice and publishing house dpr-barcelona, and was editor at the architecture magazine Quaderns d’arquitectura i urbanisme, 2011–2016. Her work focuses on architecture and political theory and has..

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Elian Stefa

Tirana, Albania
born 1985, Vlora

Elian Stefa (1985) is a Tirana based architect, researcher and independent curator. His work focuses on exploring ambiguous territories, revitalisation of abandoned spaces, and collaborative design. Recently he has been selected to join the fourth cycle of the Future Architecture Platform 2019..

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Lacaton & Vassal

Paris, France
est. 1987, Paris

Anne Lacaton (1955, Saint-Pardoux, France) and Jean-Philippe Vassal (1954, Casablanca, Morocco) met in the late 1970s during their formal architecture training at École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux. Lacaton went on to pursue a Masters in Urban Planning from..

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Disability x Maternity

est. Chicago

What would it be like to design for help — not with a medical model but a social one? A manual for young mothers with acquired disabilities, Disability x Maternity direct guidelines for using space. Inserted in folders that patients receive upon discharge from rehab, the manual draws from..

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Barbara Predan

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born Ljubljana

Barbara Predan received a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design, and then a master’s degree in the theory and development of design at the Department of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana. In 2012, she received her doctoral degree from the Scientific Research..

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