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Janko Konstantinov

Skopje, Macedonia
born 1926, Bitola

Janko Konstantinov, (Macedonian: Јанко Константинов; born 1926 in Bitola, now Republic of Macedonia, died 2010) is a Macedonian architect and artist.
[h]Education and Career[/h]
Janko Konstantinov studied at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade under mentorship of Milan Zloković, Mate Bajlon and..

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Sergei Tchoban

Moscow, Russia
born 1962, Saint Petersburg

Sergei Tchoban (born 9th October 1962 in Leningrad) is a Russian architect who has workfor more than twenty years in Germany He studied architecture in Leningrad, and worked from 1986 to 1990 as an architect in the Soviet Union. 1992 he moved to Germany and received German citizenship. He..

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Ernő Goldfinger

London, United Kingdom
born 1902, Budapest

Ernő Goldfinger (November 11, 1902 – November 15, 1987) was born in Budapest and studied architecture in Paris. After moving to London in 1934, he won praise for austere, yet sensitive projects, notably his Hampstead home, and drew controversy for ambitious schemes at Elephant and Castle and..

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Matjaž Garzarolli

Kras, Slovenia
born 1948, Postojna

Matjaž Garzarolli was among the most active in his generation at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. He was one of students of Edvard Ravnikar.

[h]Group Kras[/h]
Matjaž Garzarolli, Marko Dekleva, Vojteh Ravnikar and Egon Vatovec founded the Karst group in 1976. In 1980 they received..

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Noi Trotsky

born 1895, St. Petersburg

Noi (Noah) Abramovich Trotsky (Ной Абра́мович Тро́цкий) was a renowned Soviet architect (March 15, 1895 - November 19, 1940).

Trotsky was born in St. Petersburg to a family of a typesetter and went on to study art from the renowned painter, Nicholas Roerich. He graduated from the Petrograd..

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John Calvin Portman

San Francisco, USA
born 1924, Walhalla

John Calvin Portman Jr. (December 4, 1924 – December 29, 2017) was an American neofuturistic architect and real estate developer widely known for popularizing hotels and office buildings with multi-storied interior atria. Portman also had a particularly large impact on the cityscape of his..

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Porto, Portugal
est. 2010, Porto

Skrei began its practice in 2009 with an inquiry into the qualities of Portuguese raw materials. By experimenting with mortars and construction tools, Skrei was able to develop specific materials and started administrating its own works. It has become a workshop of architects of experimental..

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