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Plan Común

Santiago, Chile
est. 2012, Santiago

Plan Común is an architecture office founded in 2012 after 6 years of disciplinary debate, professional collaboration and editorial production
 with OnArchitecture. Plan Común proposes formal strategies to maximize and strengthen the character of public or shared space -understood as a key..

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Didier Faustino

Paris, France
born 1968, Chennevières-sur-Marn

Didier Fiuza Faustino is an architect and artist working on the relationship between body and space. He started his own practice at the crossroad of art and architecture just after graduating in architecture in 1995. He has been developing since then a multi-faceted approach, ranging from..

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Anja Humljan

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1983, Maribor

Anja Humljan is an architect and performer behind the The Urban Yoga Platform, a transdisciplinary platform exploring space through the body, focusing on our connection to space, which humans forge with the measure, movement, gesture, and rituals of our bodies. The cornerstone of her work is a..

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Rem Koolhaas

Rotterdam, Netherlands
born 1944, Rotterdam

Rem Koolhaas (born Remment Lucas Koolhaas, November 17th, 1944) is a Dutch architect, architectural theorist and urbanist. Koolhaas was born in Amsterdam. Before becoming an architect, he studied scriptwriting at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. He then worked as a journalist for the..

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Léopold Lambert

Paris, France
born 1985, Paris

Léopold Lambert is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Funambulist, a bimestrial printed and digital magazine associated to a podcast and a blog. These three platforms examine the political relationship between the built environment and bodies. He is the author of three books, Weaponized..

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Lavinia Scaletti

London, United Kingdom
born 1990, Asuncion

Lavinia Scaletti is an architectural and urban designer living and working in London, with previous professional experience in France and Chile. Between the hours spent working full-time in urban design at Publica, she undertakes independent projects and research, largely as an extension of her..

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Clément Blanchet

Paris, France
born 1981, Paris

Clément Blanchet is a French architect, teacher and critic, actively practicing in the fields of architectural theory, urbanism, and cultural investigations.

He studied architecture at the AA school of architecture in London, the Chulalongkorn Mahawitthayalai Architectural..

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Aleksandra Zarek

Manchester, Sheffield, United Kingdom
born 1989, Bydgoszcz

Aleksandra Zarek is an architect with an extensive international background, currently working at award-winning stephenson STUDIO in Manchester. Her professional experience to date includes various practices in Berlin, Lisbon and Poland.

She was trained at the University of Sheffield and..

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