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Otto Wagner

Vienna, Austria
born 1841, Vienna

Otto Koloman Wagner (13 July 1841 – 11 April 1918) was an Austrian architect and urban planner. He was a leading member of the Vienna Secession movement of architecture, founded in 1897, and the broader Art Nouveau movement. Many of his works are in his native city of Vienna, and illustrate the..

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Jože Mesar

born 1907, Ljubljana

Jože Mesar was a Slovene architect known for his work on residential homes for the middle class, various public buildings, and also different types of interiors (many of which were, unfortunately, demolished). He was born on the 21st of August 1907 in Ljubljana and died on the 10th of January..

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Ivan Kocmut

born 1926

No More Information Available.

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Rudi Zupan

born 1921, Maribor

Rudi Zupan was an Maribor architect who graduated in 1951 from the Ljubljana School of Architecture under the mentorship of Edvard Mihevec. In the history of modern Maribor architecture, his oeuvre is indispensable. In a residential area in Pobrežje, he developed a new type of apartment block,..

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Mladen Jadrić

Vienna, Austria
born 1964, Sarajevo

The founder and principal of Jadric Architecture Mladen Jadric is teaching and practicing architecture in Vienna, Austria.. He has realized a wide range of projects of different scales in Austria, USA, Finland and China. He has been teaching at the TU Wien, Faculty of Architecture and Planning..

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Fürst Danilo

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1912, Maribor

Architect Danilo Fürst, a representative of Jože Plečnik's school, introduced technical innovations in Slovenian architecture, among which stand out plans for standard and prefabricated construction and the use of curved ceilings and roofs made of prestressed concrete. Unlike many architects,..

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Jaroslav Černigoj

Maribor, Slovenia
born 1905, Bovec

Jaroslav Černigoj was born in 1905 in Bovec and died in 1989 in Maribor. He was an architect from Maribor, who graduated from the architectural school in Ljubljana under Jože Plečnik. In the scope of the Projekt Maribor, he and his brother Milan took over the leading role in the field of..

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Majda Dobravec Lajovic

born 1931, Ljubljana

In 1959 she graduated at the Faculty of Arhitecture under Prof. Edvard Ravbikar. After graduation she became employed as a designer at Zavod za zadružno gradnjo in Ljubljana; later she worked at the AB arhitectural office from its establishment in 1964 until 1988. Until her retiremant in 1996,..

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