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Arata Isozaki

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
born 1931, Oita, Kyushu

Arata Isozaki (born July 23rd 1931, Oita) is a Japanese architect. He developed a style which reflected both Japanese traditions and Western post-modern and mannerist influences. Isozaki also wrote about architecture and taught in several universities. In 2005, Arata Isozaki founded the Italian..

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Carlo Mollino

Turin, Italy
born 1905, Turin

Carlo Mollino (May 6th, 1905 – August 27th, 1973) was an Italian architect and furniture designer.

Born in Turin, Piedmont, Carlo Mollino was the son of Eugenio Mollino, an engineer. As he grew up, Carlo Mollino became interested in a variety of topics that were as outrageous as his art, such..

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Klodiana Millona

Rotterdam, Netherlands
born 1990, Tirana

Klodiana Millona is an architect and researcher from Albania currently based in Rotterdam, whose work has been dealing with alternative models of affordable houses. Since September 2016 she has been resident of “Stad In De Maak” (City in the Making), Rotterdam and active participant in their..

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Elian Stefa

Tirana, Albania
born 1985, Vlora

Elian Stefa (1985) is a Tirana based architect and curator. His work focuses on exploring ambiguous territories, revitalisation of abandoned spaces, and collaborative design. Recently he has been selected to join the fourth cycle of the Future Architecture Platform 2019 with “ARTiLERIA:..

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Sonja Dragović

Podgorica, Montenegro
born 1988, Kolašin

Sonja Dragović obtained a joint master’s degree in urban studies in 2015 through interdisciplinary program “4Cities”, comprised of four semesters of study and practice in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid. Prior to this she earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. Her main interests include..

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Walter Gropius

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
born 1883, Berlin

Walter Gropius (May 18th 1883 – July 5th 1969) is the inventor of the Bauhaus. Born in Berlin, Walter Gropius was the third child of Walter Adolph Gropius and Manon Auguste Pauline Scharnweber. Gropius married Alma Mahler (1879-1964), widow of Gustav Mahler. Walter and Alma's daughter, named..

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Wiel Arets

Amsterdam, Netherlands
born 1955, Heerlen

Wiel Arets is a Dutch architect, architectural theorist, urbanist, industrial designer and the former Dean of the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Previously was he the Professor of Building Planning and Design at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK)..

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Fernando Romero

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1971, Mexico City

Fernando Romero is a Mexican architect, son-in-law of Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim. He is the grandson of Alejandro Romero Lesbros, who was a pioneer in the development of several boroughs and recreation districts in Mexico City from 1920s to 1940s. His grandfather Raúl Romero Erazo and..

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