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City in the Making

Rotterdam, Netherlands
est. 2013, Rotterdam

City in the Making (Stad in de Maak) is an association set up to take on the redevelopment of vacant properties in Rotterdam - most of them “toxic" remainders of the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Since 2014, it has opened eight previously boarded-up or vacant buildings, all of them in Rotterdam..

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Who Builds the City

Belgrade, Serbia
est. 2010, Belgrade

Who Builds the City (Ko Gradi Grad / KGG) was established in 2010 in response to the urban developments in Belgrade, characterized by corrupt and mismanaged privatisation of public resources, and clientalistic government behaviour, creating ground for monopolistic private sector actors.
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Florian Bengert

Karlsruhe, Berlin, Germany
born 1989, Ludwigshafen a.Rh.

Florian Bengert was born in Ludwigshafen a.Rh. in 1989 and moved to Karlsruhe to study architecture. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree with Distinction in 2013 and started working in Basel at Buchner Bründler Architekten. Since 2012 he has been supporting a*komm (Prof. Riklef Rambow)..

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Bika Rebek

Vienna, Austria
born 1986, Ljubljana

Bika Rebek is an architect practicing within heterogeneous formats. Performances, installations, and writing are an integral part of her work, acting as catalysts for open-ended thinking about architectural production. She is an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia GSAPP and a principal at..

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Guerilla Architects

Berlin, Germany
est. 2012, London

Guerilla Architects is an international collective of architects that focuses its work on the forgotten and unused resources of our cities.

Sharing a common squatting experience in London in 2012, the name „Guerilla Architects“ evolved through the need to defend before court. The intense..

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Louis Kahn

Philadephia, Pennsylvania,
born 1901, Kuressaare

Louis Isadore Kahn born as Itze-Leib Schmuilowsky (February 20, 1901 or 1902 – March 17, 1974) was a world-renowned architect of Estonian origin based in Philadelphia, United States.
[h]Training and influences[/h]
He trained in a rigorous Beaux-Arts tradition, with its emphasis on drawing, at..

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Anne Tyng

California, USA
born 1920, Lushan

Anne Griswold Tyng (July 14, 1920 – December 27, 2011) was an architect, theorist and academic. She is best known for having collaborated with Louis Kahn at his practice in Philadelphia. She served as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania for 27 years, following 29 years of collaboration..

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Architecture for Refugees

Zürich, Switzerland
est. 2015

Architecture for Refugees provides an informational platform, educational resources, projects and collaborations which link refugees, refugee settlements and camps with architects, urban planners and designers, NGOs, government and UN agencies, refugee host communities and social and grassroots..

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