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Edvard Ravnikar

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1907, Novo Mesto

Edvard Ravnikar was a student of architect Jože Plečnik in the years 1938-39. In 1939 he studied for few months in Paris with Le Corbusier. With knowledge and experience that has accumulated in Le Corbusier’s studio, he created the new architectural school based on the contemporary architectural..

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Nataša Koselj

Ljubljanna, Slovenia
born 1969, Ljubljana

Nataša Koselj is an architect with a PhD on post-war Slovenian architecture, who studied and worked in Slovenia (University of Ljubljana), Finland (MARCH2002), UK (Oxford Brookes University) and France (Cité de l'architecture at du patrimoine). Docomomo Slovenia Chair, since 2004, who has formed..

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KOSMOS Architects

Basel, Switzerland
est. 2018, Basel

K O S M O S Architects is an office collaborating virtually, bringing together partners based in Basel, Moscow, Bangkok and New York. K O S M O S designs projects and environments of all types and scales: from a door handle to a city; from hardcore architecture to pop-up art installations. The..

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Podgorica, Montenegro
est. 2013, Podgorica

DVARP is young architectural practice founded by Dijana Vučinić. It is focused on research and analysis in architecture, urban design, sociology, environment protection and built heritage and tradition. They create architecture suited for people, in dialog with the environment and based on the..

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Santiago Cirugeda

Seville, Spain
born 1971, Seville

Santiago Cirugeda is a social architect, questioning the limits of legality and defining processes for social action to improve the city and tackle some of the problems facing its residents. He positions his practice at the crossroads of activism and art. Cirugeda was born in Seville and received..

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Miruna Dunu

born 1991

Miruna Dunu is a visual designer with an architectural background. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Architecture (2013) with First Class Honours from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and a Master of Arts in Information Design (2017) from the Design Academy Eindhoven,..

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Dragoljub Bakić

Belgrade, Serbia
born 1939, Kragujevac

We can not speak of the fruitful creations of Energoprojekt without mentioning the work of architect Dragoljub Bakić, nor the other way around. Dragoljub Bakić spent 44 years as an architect within the company Energoprojekt, of which most years as a team with his wife, architect Ljiljana Bakić...

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Ljiljana Bakić

Belgrade, Serbia
born 1939, Belgrade

On women in architecture in Serbia, we certainly cannot talk without mentioning Ljiljana Bakić, an author who, individually and in cooperation with her husband Dragoljub Bakić, designed and built a large number of buildings in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia, as well as abroad. Today, the..

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