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fala atelier

Porto, Portugal
est. 2013, Porto

fala is a naïve architecture practice based in oporto, led by filipe magalhães, ana luisa soares and ahmed belkhodja. established in 2013, the atelier works with methodic optimism on a wide range of projects, from territories to birdhouses. fala’s projects are a medley of formal languages,..

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Eileen Gray

Paris, France
born 1878, Enniscorthy

Eileen Gray, born Kathleen Eileen Moray, was an Irish furniture designer, architect and a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture. She was the first women recognized for her work in industrial design.

Gray was born as the last of five children. She spent her childhood among the family..

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Ronan Bouroullec and Erwan Bouroullec have been working together for about ten years now. Their collaboration is a permanent dialogue nourished by their distinct personalities and a shared notion of diligence with the intention to reach more balance and fineness.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec..

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Peter Zumthor

Haldenstein, Switzerland
born 1943, Basel

Peter Zumthor (born April 26th, 1943 in Basel) is a Swiss architect and Pritzker Prize winner. Zumthor has practiced in the out-of-the-way mountain village of Haldenstein, Switzerland, since 1979. He is not well known to the public, but he is something of a cult figure among architects. He has a..

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Johanna Wolf

born 1905, Budapest

One of the first female architects and engineers in Hungary, Johanna Wolf graduated in 1931 at the Budapest University of Technology. During her university years, she was bullied because of her Jewish roots, as reported by a contemporary newspaper. After graduation, she started working as a..

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Margit Pázmándi

born 1930, Budatétény

Born in Budatétény (since 1950 Budapest, District 22) in 1930, Margit Pázmándi originally aimed to be a sculptor, but finally she graduated in 1952 at the Budapest University of Technology as an architect. From 1954 she worked at the state office responsible for public building design..

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Marianne Várnay

Szeged, Hungary
born 1898, Szeged

Marianne Sternberg was born in Szeged. Her father, Dezső Sternberg was the founding member of the Sternberg Ármin és Testvére factory of music instruments. She was amongst the first female students of the Budapest University of Technology, and graduated in 1924. In 1925, she became the first..

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Ruth Rivera Marin

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1927, Mexico City

Ruth Rivera Marín (Mexico, 1927-1969) was the first woman to graduate from the College of Engineering and Architecture at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico in 1950. Daughter of Mexican renowned muralist Diego Rivera and well-known actress and writer Guadalupe Rivera Marín, she was..

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