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Chetwoods Architects

est. 1988, London

Chetwoods believe that architecture is a vital platform for progress. It influences the way we live, work, interact and collaborate. It affects our health, outlook and attitudes. Its benefits can be profound.

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KOSMOS Architects

Basel, Switzerland
est. 2018, Basel

K O S M O S Architects is an office collaborating virtually, bringing together partners based in Basel, Moscow, Bangkok and New York. K O S M O S designs projects and environments of all types and scales: from a door handle to a city; from hardcore architecture to pop-up art installations. The..

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Podgorica, Montenegro
est. 2013, Podgorica

DVARP is young architectural practice founded by Dijana Vučinić. It is focused on research and analysis in architecture, urban design, sociology, environment protection and built heritage and tradition. They create architecture suited for people, in dialog with the environment and based on the..

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Yrjö Lindegren

Helsinki, Finland
born 1900, Tampere

Yrjö Lorenzo Lindegren (13 August 1900 – 12 November 1952) was a Finnish architect. He was born in Tampere and died in Helsinki. He graduated as an architect in 1925 from the Helsinki University of Technology, and set up his own office later the same year.

Lindegren's best-known work is the..

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Hubert-Jan Henket

Vught, Netherlands
born 1940, Heerlen

Hubert-Jan Henket is an emeritus professor of the Delft and the Eindhoven Universities of Technology, the Netherlands. He is the founder and honorary president of DOCOMOMO international since 1988. From 1969-1976 he practiced in Helsinki and London. In 1976 he started his own practice, since 2010..

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Wessel de Jonge

Rotterdam, Netherlands
born 1957, Rotterdam

Wessel de Jonge MSc (1957) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology in 1985. During his education and as extraordinary researcher at TU Delft and TU Eindhoven he has been dedicated to the survey of early 20th century architecture..

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Ana Tostões

Lisbon, Portugal
born 1959, Lisbon

Ana Tostões was born in the 3rd April 1959 in Lisbon where she lives. She is an architect (ESBAL, 1982), architecture historian (UNL, 1994) and chair of DOCOMOMO International. She is associate professor at the Civil Engineering and Architecture Department of the Instituto Superior Técnico,..

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Nataša Koselj

Ljubljanna, Slovenia
born 1969, Ljubljana

Nataša Koselj is an architect with a PhD on post-war Slovenian architecture, who studied and worked in Slovenia (University of Ljubljana), Finland (MARCH2002), UK (Oxford Brookes University) and France (Cité de l'architecture at du patrimoine). Docomomo Slovenia Chair, since 2004, who has formed..

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