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Ethel Baraona Pohl

Barcelona, Spain
born 1970, San Salvador

Ethel Baraona Pohl is a writer, critic, and curator. She is co-founder of independent research practice and publishing house dpr-barcelona, and was editor at the architecture magazine Quaderns d’arquitectura i urbanisme, 2011–2016. Her work focuses on architecture and political theory and has..

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Kieran Long

Stockholm , Sweden
born London

Kieran Long is a British journalist and curator specializing in architecture and design. Long has been a presenter in a number of television shows. Long graduated from Cardiff University in 1998 with a degree in English literature.

He has undertaken a number of journalism roles, including..

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Francesco Garutti

Montreal, Canada
born Milan

Francesco Garutti is a contemporary art and architecture curator and editor and Curator at the Canadian Centre of Architecture in Montreal. He has an education in the field of architecture, which almost immediately turned towards curatorial practice, often also dealing with publishing and never..

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Elian Stefa

Tirana, Albania
born 1985, Vlora

Elian Stefa (1985) is a Tirana based architect, researcher and independent curator. His work focuses on exploring ambiguous territories, revitalisation of abandoned spaces, and collaborative design. Recently he has been selected to join the fourth cycle of the Future Architecture Platform 2019..

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Sigurd Lewerentz

Stockholm, Sweden
born 1885, Sandö

Sigurd Lewerentz (29 July 1885 in Sandö, Sweden – 29 December 1975 in Lund, Sweden) was an architect, initially trained as a mechanical engineer at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (1905–8). Later he took up an architectural apprenticeship in Germany. He first opened his own..

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Gunnar Asplund

Stockholm, Sweden
born 1885, Stockhom

Erik Gunnar Asplund (September 22th, 1885 – October 20th, 1940) was a Swedish architect, mostly known as a representative of Swedish neo-classical architecture of the 1920s, and during the last decade of his life as a major proponent of the modernist style which got its breakthrough in Sweden at..

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forty-five degrees

Berlin, Germany
est. 2019, Berlin

forty-five degrees is an open collective of architects and designers dedicated to the research and critical making of collective space.

forty-five degrees teams take different forms when engaging in collaborations with other experts, adapting to the project’s scope. In our practice,..

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Morfi Thesprotias, Greece
est. 2018, Morfi Thesprotias

TiriLab, is an initiative and an open platform which explores multi-cultural heritage related to local technologies, gastronomy and culture specifics from rural communities in northwestern Greece. It is a joint venture of collectives and individuals, practitioners and researchers with focus on..

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