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Richard T. Foster

New York, USA
born Pittsburgh

Richard T. Foster was a modernist architect who worked in the New York area, and also around Greenwich, Connecticut, often in partnership with Philip Johnson, including The Glass House located in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Richard T. Foster was educated at the..

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Laura Thermes

Rome, Italy
born 1943, Rome

Italian architect and theorist. She studied at the Università La Sapienza, Rome, and her early collaboration with franco Purini on an urban project (1966; unexecuted) for the bank of the River Tiber, Rome, led to a long partnership between the two. As a theorist, Thermes attempted to unite the..

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Henrieta Delavrancea

Bucharest, Romania
born 1897, Bucharest

Henrieta Delavrancea (1897–1987) was a Romanian architect and one of the first female architects admitted to the Superior School of Architecture in Bucharest, but because of the suspension of her classes during World War I, she was not the first female to graduate. She was one of the most known..

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Nobuko Tsuchiura

born 1900

Nobuko Tsuchiura (1900 – 1998) was the first woman architect in Japan.

The wife of architect Kameki Tsuchiura, also an architect, she trained with Frank Lloyd Wright. The couple worked with Wright on the Imperial Hotel. They returned to the United States with Wright and worked for him for two..

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Halina Skibniewska

Warsaw, Poland
born 1921, Warsaw

Halina Skibniewska (January 10th 1921 - April 20 2011) was Polish architect and urbanist, professor of architecture, state activist, deputy to the of People's Republic of Poland through IV, V, VI VII and VIII terms, 1971-1985 deputy Marshal of People's Republic of Poland (Sejm).

Her husband,..

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Coop Himmelb(l)au

Vienna, Austria
est. 1968, Vienna

Coop Himmelb(l)au is a cooperative architectural design firm primarily located in Vienna, Austria and which now also maintains offices in Los Angeles, United States and Guadalajara, Mexico. The firm's name Himmelblau translates from German into English as 'sky blue', Himmelbau translates to..

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Paul Landon

Montreal, Canada
born 1961, Rudgwick

Paul Landon is visual and media artist. His artistic practice and research focus is on notions of wandering, architecture and urban transformation. He works with video, sound, photography, drawing and the relationships these media have with architecture and spatio-temporal perception. His artwork..

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Richard Rogers

London, United Kingdom
born 1933, Florence

Richard George Rogers, Baron Rogers of Riverside (born July 23rd, 1933) is a British architect noted for his modernist and functionalist designs. Rogers is best known for his work on the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Lloyd's building and Millennium Dome both in London and the European Court of..

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