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Roy Mason

Washington, D.C., USA
born 1938

Roy Mason (June 29, 1938 – May 19, 1996) was an American lecturer, writer, and futuristic architect who designed and built a variety of futuristic homes and other buildings in the 1970s and 1980s using low cost materials and alternative energy sources. Always forward looking, in 1978 Mason..

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Robert Thompson

born 1990, Jersey City

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Johann Otto von Spreckelsen

Copenhagen, Denmark
born 1929, Viborg

Johann Otto von Spreckelsen (May 4th 1929 — March 16th 1987) was an architect from Denmark who studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. From
1978 to 1987 he served as the academy's director. Spreckelsen is most well known for his design of the "Grande Arche de la Defense" in Paris...

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Roland Rainer

Vienna, Austria
born 1910, Klagenfurt

Roland Rainer studied at the Vienna University of Technology. He left Austria to attend the German Academy for Urban Design in Berlin. After World War II, he returned to Austria and continued writing, including his most famous work Urban design prose.

He was invited to several universities:..

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Charles Henry Driver FRIBA (23 March 1832 – 27 October 1900) was a significant British architect of the Victorian era, with a reputation for pioneering use of ornamental iron work for which he was seen as a leading authority. He was also an expert in its casting and manufacture. Driver began his..

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Code of Practice

Berlin, Germany
est. 2009, Berlin

Code of Practice was founded in 2009 by Stanley Fuls, Florian Boxberg and Tom Mival who had practiced as senior staff in the Berlin offices of Foster + Partners and Sauerbruch Hutton Architects.

Taking a specific approach to their work, they undertake detailed analysis of context and..

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Barcelona, Spain
est. 1996, Barcelona

CollLeclerc is a Barcelona-based practice combining both an academic and a professional agenda dedicated to the research on New Urban Landscapes: new answers for the contemporary public space, architecture, landscape and infrastructure in the city. Operating almost exclusively out of..

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