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Walter Gropius

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
born 1883, Berlin

Walter Gropius (May 18th 1883 – July 5th 1969) is the inventor of the Bauhaus. Born in Berlin, Walter Gropius was the third child of Walter Adolph Gropius and Manon Auguste Pauline Scharnweber. Gropius married Alma Mahler (1879-1964), widow of Gustav Mahler. Walter and Alma's daughter, named..

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Joseph Maria Olbrich

Düsseldorf, Germany
born 1867, Opava

Joseph Maria Olbrich was an Austrian architect who was a co-founder of the Vienna Secession.

Olbrich was born in Opava, Austrian Silesia which today is part of the Czech Republic. Olbrich studied architecture at the Wiener Staatsgewerbeschule and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where he won..

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Peter Cook

London, United Kingdom
born 1936, Southend-on-Sea

Sir Peter Frederic Chester Cook (born October 22nd, 1936 in Southend-on-Sea in Essex) is a notable English architect, teacher and writer about architecture. From 1953 to 1958, he studied architecture at Bournemouth College of Art, and then moved to the Architectural Association School of..

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Hugo Häring

Berlin, Germany
born 1882, Biberach an der Riß

Hugo Häring (11 May 1882 – 17 May 1958) was a German architect and architectural writer best known for his writings on "organic architecture", and as a figure in architectural debates about functionalism in the 1920s and 1930s, though he had an important role as an expressionist architect.


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Hans Scharoun

Berlin, Germany
born 1893, Bremen

Bernhard Hans Henry Scharoun (September 20th, 1893 – November 25th, 1972) was a German architect born in Bremen best known for designing the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. He was an important exponent of Organic architecture.

[h]Early Life[/h]
Scharoun was born in Bremen, German Empire. After..

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Gottfried Böhm

Cologne, Germany
born 1920, Offenbach

Gottfried Böhm (born January 23rd, 1920)is a contemporary German architect and the only German Pritzker Prize laureate. He was born into a family of architects in Offenbach, Germany. His father, Dominikus Böhm, is renowned for having built several churches throughout Germany.

His academic..

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Shadrach Woods

Paris, France
born 1923, Yonkers, New York

Shadrach Woods (June 30th, 1923 – July 31st, 1973) was an American architect, urban planner and theorist. Schooled in engineering at New York University and in literature and philosophy at Trinity College, Dublin, Woods joined the Paris office of Le Corbusier in 1948. Assigned to the project for..

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Lavinia Scaletti

London, United Kingdom
born 1990, Asuncion

Lavinia Scaletti is an architectural and urban designer living and working in London, with previous professional experience in France and Chile. Between the hours spent working full-time in urban design at Publica, she undertakes independent projects and research, largely as an extension of her..

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