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Fumihiko Maki

Tokyo, Japan
born 1928, Tokyo

Fumihiko Maki (槇文彦, Maki Fumihiko) (born Tokyo, September 6, 1928) is a Japanese architect and currently teaching at Keio University SFC. After studying at the University of Tokyo he moved to the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and then to Harvard Graduate School of..

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Otakar Novotný

Prague, Czech Republic
born 1880, Benesov

Otakar Novotný was a Czech architect, designer and professor at the Academy of Arts. He born in Benesov, as one in four children in the family notary. Between 1894 - 1898 he studied at the architectural department of State Higher Technical School in Prague. In the last year..

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Laura Thermes

Rome, Italy
born 1943, Rome

Italian architect and theorist. She studied at the Università La Sapienza, Rome, and her early collaboration with franco Purini on an urban project (1966; unexecuted) for the bank of the River Tiber, Rome, led to a long partnership between the two. As a theorist, Thermes attempted to unite the..

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Fred Forbat

Stockholm, Sweden
born 1897, Pecs

Fred Forbát (also Alfred Forbát; March 31st, 1897 - May 22nd 1972)) was a Hungarian-born architect with significant work in Germany and Sweden. Forbát was born of Jewish parents in Pécs. He studied architecture and art history at the University of Budapest and the Technical University of Munich. Add to a collection

Victor Gruen

Los Angeles, USA
born 1903, Vienna

Victor David Gruen, born Viktor David Grünbaum (July 18, 1903 – February 14, 1980) was an Austrian-born architect best known as a pioneer in the design of shopping malls in the United States. He is also noted for his urban revitalisation proposals, described in his writings and applied in master..

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Warsaw, Poland
est. 2007, Warsaw

Beton was founded in 2007 by architects Marta Rowinska and Lech Rowinski. The studio works across architecture, graphic design, industrial design, set and costume design and fashion.

Marta Rowinska and Lech Rowinski are both architects, both from Warsaw, Poland. They are also a married couple...

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Jaromír Krejcar

born 1895, Hundsheim

Jaromír Krejcar (25 July 1895, Hundsheim, Austria – 5 October 1950, London) was a Czech functionalistic architect, student of Jan Kotěra and member of Devětsil.

He collaborated with Czech structural engineer, Dr. Jaroslav Joseph Polivka on the internationally acclaimed Czech Pavilion at the..

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