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Karl Ehn

Vienna, Austria
born 1884, Vienna

Karl Ehn was a Viennese architect and city planner. He designed a wide variety of public buildings, mainly urban housing (comprising a total of 2716 flats). The buildings were characterized by a sculptural and holistic approach and striking detail. Ehn apprenticed under Otto Wagner, began working..

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Fumihiko Maki

Tokyo, Japan
born 1928, Tokyo

Fumihiko Maki (槇文彦, Maki Fumihiko) (born Tokyo, September 6, 1928) is a Japanese architect and currently teaching at Keio University SFC. After studying at the University of Tokyo he moved to the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and then to Harvard Graduate School of..

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Fred Forbat

Stockholm, Sweden
born 1897, Pecs

Fred Forbát (also Alfred Forbát; March 31st, 1897 - May 22nd 1972)) was a Hungarian-born architect with significant work in Germany and Sweden. Forbát was born of Jewish parents in Pécs. He studied architecture and art history at the University of Budapest and the Technical University of Munich. Add to a collection

Oscar Niemeyer

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
born 1907, Rio de Janeiro

'In my opinion, architecture is invention. And under this prism is how I do my projects, always searching for beautiful, expressive, different and surprising solutions. The architect is a citizen just like any other, always open to serve any kind of program presented to him, be constantly aware..

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Adolf Meyer

Berlin, Germany
born 1881, Mechernich

Adolf Meyer (Mechernich, 17 June 1881 - Baltrum, 14 July 1929) was a German architect. A student and employee of Peter Behrens, Meyer became the office manager of Walter Gropius practice around 1915. This collaboration, which lasted until 1914, resulted in a number of important 20th century..

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William N. Breger

born 1922, Manhattan

Born in Manhattan, New York City, William N. Breger, attended Stuyvesant High School in New York City, while "sneaking" into Cooper Union as a non-graduated high school student for a year before being discovered and thrown out at age 15.

He later held a graduate degree in Architecture from..

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Josef Pleskot

Prague, Czech Republic
born 1952, Písek

Josef Pleskot (born 3 December 1952 in Písek) is a Czech architect. He is known mainly as the designer of the pedestrian tunnel in the Deer Moat at the Prague Castle, and administrative building of the ČSOB in Prague. In 2009, he was voted the most significant Czech architect of the 1989-2009..

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Martin Wagner

Berlin, Germany
born 1885, Königsberg

Martin Wagner (November 5th, 1885 - Mai 28th, 1957) was a German architect, city planner and author, best known as the driving force behind the construction of modernist housing projects in interwar Berlin.

Wagner was born in Königsberg in Eastern Prussia (now part of Russia). Tall, angular,..

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