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London, United Kingdom
est. 2016, London

RESOLVE are an interdisciplinary design collective whose work combines architecture, engineering, art and technology in order to address multi-scalar social challenges.

The practice started with the creation of the Rebel Space pavilion, a temporary structure in Brixton, South London, which was..

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Babau Bureau

Venice, Italy
est. 2014, Venice

Babau Bureau is a project bureau based in Venice led by Marco Ballarin, Stefano Tornieri and Massimo Triches, architects and PhD in Architectural Composition at University Iuav of Venice. Babau Bureau focus on a holistic approach, refuses the idea of unique style and believe in the necessity of..

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est. 2014, Basel

CARTHA is an independent, pro-bono publishing project. It provides a curated, open platform dedicated to architecture and its role in society. It has as its core concept that the generated content has to be able to be produced, accessed, and appropriated by anyone, anywhere and free of charge. It..

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Clemens Klotz

Cologne, Germany
born 1886, Cologne

Clemens Klotz (31 May 1886 – 1969) was one of Adolf Hitler's architects. Despite being a former member of the banned Deutsche Werkbund, Klotz joined the NSDAP and was appointed a professor by Hitler. After beginning his career focusing on residential designs in the Cologne area, Klotz received a..

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Tania Tovar

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1989, Madison, Wisconsin

Tania Tovar is an architect, writer and curator with an interest for narratives where architecture stands as main character. She is founder of Proyector, a curatorial platform an exhibition space based in Mexico City fostering architecture research projects, where she works as Director and Chief..

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Bika Rebek

Vienna, Austria
born Ljubljana

Bika Rebek is the director of Tools for Show, a global design practice
focused on exhibition projects. Hailing from Ljubljana, she is currently based in Vienna and New York City, where she is a member at NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator. Bika serves as an Adjunct Professor at the..

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Lavinia Scaletti

London, United Kingdom
born 1990, Asuncion

Lavinia Scaletti is an architectural and urban designer living and working in London, with previous professional experience in France and Chile. Between the hours spent working full-time in urban design at Publica, she undertakes independent projects and research, largely as an extension of her..

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Lucia Tahan

New York, USA
born 1989, Madrid

Lucia Tahan established her architecture practice in 2013 focusing on independent research at the intersection of architecture and politics and the construction of alternative housing for private clients. She studied Architecture and Urban Studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid,..

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