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1929, Moscow, Russia

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born 1929, Moscow
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Yuri P. Platonov was born September 4, 1929 in Moscow. He graduated in 1953 from the Moscow Architectural Institute. From 1953 to present time, he works in Gipron Academy of Sciences (B.. Akademproekt). Since 1991 he is the creative and scientific director of the Institute and Professor at the Moscow Institute of Architecture (1973. - until today) and is also the first Secretary of the Board of the Union of Architects of the USSR (1987 - 1992 gg.), Vice-President of the Moscow branch of the International Academy of Architecture (1991. - Present. time) and since 1992, the chief architect of Russia's Academy of Sciences.

Platonov was awarded with the title of "People's architect of the USSR", the "RSFSR Honored Architect", Red Banner", the Silver Medal of the Arts Academy of the USSR, the "USSR State Prize"and the "State Prize of Russia".
He still lives in Moscow.


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