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December 28th 1885, Kharkov, Russian Empire

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Moscow, Russia

Vladimir Tatlin Change this

Change thisMoscow, Russia
born 1885, Kharkov

Vladimir Tatlin in front of the model of the monument to ...

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Vladimir Yevgráfovich Tatlin was a painter, sculptor and Constructivist architect spanning multiple facets: sculpture, painting, architectural projects, objects, design and theater sets. His post-cubist reliefs, called "counter-reliefs", presented to Moscow public, are the result of visual impact to the visit in March 1914 the Paris studio of Picasso. In 1919, Tatlin made his most famous work, the Monument to the Third International, known by the name "Tatlin Tower". The model of this monument, the artist builds in his workshop in Petrograd, it is their only contribution to architecture, but the imaginary dimension of this project is so strong that it is worth to its author an enduring place in the realm of utopian architecture.



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