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Water Feature, Modular Structures, DIY Construction


2020, Berlin, Germany

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Berlin, Germany

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Elian Stefa
Christina Serifi
Alessio Rosati

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April 09th, 2021

Urban Activation Unit Change this

Change thisBerlin, Germany
est. 2020, Berlin
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About Change this

Urban Activation Unit or [UAU!] is a joint venture of practitioners, urbanists and educators aiming to embrace alternative pedagogical experiments and the qualities of third landscapes as ecosystems. UAU! challenges the established way of transferring knowledge acting as an open pedagogical parliament formulating dialogical relations. It starts at the level of everyday life, providing multiple “partial visions” which are subjective, embodied and diverse.

During the year, UAU! intends to follow a trans-Balkan route while questioning alternating borderscapes. From Slovenia, to Albania and Greece UAU!! will support open debates, learning sessions, workshops and encounters in both physical and digital formats, providing an environment of empowerment, reflection, sharing and engagement. Ultimately, it will open the discussion among intra-Balkan communities, addressing continued and disrupted relations, feelings of belonging, longing and indifference raising awareness of their interdependence through a culture of solidarity.


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