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Site-Specific Architecture

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1973, Alfeld (Leine), Germany

Selected Architecture

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Pool 2 Architekten
Querallee 36
34119 Kassel, Germany

Tore Pape Change this

Change thisKassel, Germany
born 1973, Alfeld (Leine)
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Tore Pape (born 1973, Alfeld/ Leine, Germany) is a German architect whose architecture pursues a very site-specific approach. He studied architecture at the University of Kassel. After graduating in 2002 he worked for the architecture practice Bieling in Kassel. In 2008 he founded his own office Pool2.

For his Visitors Center Müngsten he was awarded the Max 40 Prize by the Union of German Architects Hessen and nominated for the DEUBAU Preis 2010.


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