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Sophia Polychronopoulou

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May 05th, 2021

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Theocharis Polychronopoulos was a Greek architect, structural engineer and teacher at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece's premier school of architecture. In 1951, he began his studies in London, where he became an elected member of the Architectural Association ca. 1952. He continued his studies to become a Master of Architecture at Philadelphia's UPenn next, graduating in 1954. Afterwards, he worked at Thayer & Co of New Castle, PA as head of their architecture department.

Returning to Greece in 1957, he worked at the practice of Constantinos Doxiadis for two years, before joining the teaching staff at the NTUA in 1959. In 1962, he presented his doctoral thesis based on his research on school buildings, supervised by Ioannis Despotopoulos. He became a full lecturer at NTUA soon after.

His works include the cemetery at Magoula, Sparta as well as the Arsakeio School at Ekali, Attica, both of which are great examples of mid-century Modernism in Greece.

Theocharis collaborated with his sister Sofia at Magoula Cemetery, and perhaps on other projects too. His students at NTUA remember he was left handed.

His written works include Form, Function and Construction in Architecture (1972) and The Architectural Synthesis


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