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Wall, Reconstruction, Portuguese Architecture


2004, Lisbon, Portugal

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Stefano Riva Architects
Rua do salitre 106 1DT
1250-202 Lisbon, Portugal

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ARX Arquitectos

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January 02nd, 2020

Stefano Riva Architecture Change this

Change thisLisbon, Portugal
est. 2004, Lisbon
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Stefano Riva was born in Italy in 1969. After graduating at the State Art Institute of Monza and the Faculty of Architecture of Milan Polytechnic he started to work between Italy and Portugal, where he has been living and working since 1995. He started his work collaborating with the ARX Arquitectos. In 2004 he opened his own studio in Lisbon, where he prepared projects and competitions both individually and in collaboration with other architects.



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