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February 22nd 1956, Berane, Montenegro

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Djecevica Street 29
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

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  • 1990 - Republican award ‘Borba’ for the best architectural work in architecture
  • 2010 - He represented Montenegro for European architectural award Mies van der Rohe 2010 in Barcelona, with the project for gasalhana-chapel in Bijelo Polje.
  • 2010 - He represented Montenegro at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2010, with his work team and with two other work teams from Montenegro
  • 2010 - His candidacy for the prestigious Aga Khan award was accepted in 2010, in Geneva, for the facility of gasalhana-chapel in Bijelo Polje. The same fund accredited him to act as a numerator for the following award cycle, 2011-2013
  • 2011 - third prize at the International Urban Planners Exhibition in Nis, in 2011

Rifat Alihodžić Change this

Change thisPodgorica, Montenegro
born 1956, Berane
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Born on February 22nd in Berane, Montenegro.
He finished high school in Bijelo Polje, Natural Science and Mathematics course, in 1974.
He graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade University. For his master's thesis, he won the first prize ‘Miodrag Macura’.
He got a PhD at Faculty of Engineering, Architecture department in Novi Sad.
His first employment was in 1978, at Bureau of Urban Planning and Architectural Design in Bijelo Polje.
He establishes his own bureau ‘Arhing-inzenjering’ in 1990, which is still operating in Bijelo Polje and Podgorica. He's permanently engaged as a draughtsman and a supervision.
He is a docent at Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, where he teaches The Theory of Architectural Space and Form, as well as two subjects related to the architectural design.
He runs the position of the Head of a department for postgraduate study at the same faculty.
In 2011, he was a visiting professor at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.
He is the author of more than a hundred facilities in a state and abroad. Four of them were accomplished as a first prize winning.


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