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2002, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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est. 2002, Buenos Aires
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Oficina Urbana is an Argentine architecture and urban planning office specialising in urban projects. Roberto Converti and Fabio De Marco, the architects running it, are mainly devoted to developing strategic undertakings in cities and extensive territories, with a focus on designing and managing large-scale urban and architectural projects.

This kind of projects, which may be defined as half-way between architecture and urban planning, widen the boundaries of architecture to unprecedented territory, such as the planning of comprehensive regulations, infrastructure features, public space, and even management and funding tools.

Oficina Urbana’s professional experience bears witness to this idea of widening the boundaries of architecture. The concept can be understood in two ways—literally, as the actual widening of the area to be planned, and metaphorically, as an embracing of new practices that go beyond the mere act of designing.


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