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Women In Architecture, Furniture Design, Yugoslav Modernism

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1932, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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  • 1964 - Prešeren Foundation Award

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"Sophisticated functionality mixed with innovative use of natural materials are great design. "
Nives Kalin Vehovar

Nives Kalin Vehovar Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
born 1932, Ljubljana
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Nives Kalin Vehovar (Ljubljana, 1932-2007) was a Slovenian architect and designer. She graduated at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana in 1958. She was employed as an architect in several Slovenian engineering offices and collaborated mostly with her husband Franc Vehovar. They worked on several project for industrial design and designing hotel architecture between 1960 and 1970 in Čateške toplice, Kranjska Gora, Podčetrtek, Dobrna, Radenci, Nova Gorica. Their projects exhibit a particular focus on interiors, which are noted for their simplicity, functionality, harmonious feel and innovative, custom-made furnishing in organic shapes and natural materials. Id additional her independent activity include graphic design and corporate visual identity development (posters for Ljubljana wine fairs, 1959-1963). She also collaborated with her father, a Slovenian sculptor Boris Kalin.



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