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Modernism, Critical Regionalism

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1920, Nicosia, Cyprus

Selected Architecture

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Neoptolemos Michaelides
Nicosia, Cyprus


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June 12th, 2020

Neoptolemos Michaelides Change this

Change thisNicosia, Cyprus
born 1920, Nicosia
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Neoptolemos Michaelides (1920 -1992) was born in Nicosia Cyprus and he is celebrated as one of the most important representatives of modern architecture in Cyprus. He began his studies in Milan, in 1940, under great architects like Gio Ponti and Bruno Zevi but when WWII broke out he returned to his homeland. After the war ended he went back to Milan and completed his studies. In 1952 he came to live in Cyprus. Michaelides developed a strong personal style through his work. He was a meticulous researcher and enthusiast for local traditional architecture but at the same time an advocate of the modern movement. He had a unique ability to combine, in a very sophisticated and balanced way, traditional and modern elements and materials like light, water, wood, stone, iron, glass and concrete. His work is characterised by use of simple and pure forms, absence of historical reference or decorative elements, architectural coherence and bioclimatic design. He was the founder (1979) and first president of the Pancyprian Organization of Architectural Heritage and a pioneer for the preservation of many urban and rural examples of traditional architecture in Cyprus.


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