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Japanese Architecture


2001, Tokyo, Japan

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Naf architect & design
Okusawa Setagaya-ku
158-0083 Tokyo, Japan

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  • 2006 - The 8th "Warm Residential Design"
  • 2006 - Good Design Award
  • 2009 - JIA Selected Architectural Designs

Naf architect & design Change this

Change thisTokyo, Japan
est. 2001, Tokyo

Tetsuya Nakazono

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Naf architect & design was founded in 2000, by Akio Nakasa and Tetsuya Nakazono.

Akio Nakasa was born in 1971, in Hiroshima. He graduated in the Hiroshima University and finished his "Master of Architecture" at Waseda University, in 1997. In 1997 Worked for Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop .

Tetsuya Nakazono was born in 1972, in Miyazaki, Japan. He graduated in 1997, at Hiroshima University, Department of Architecture. And work in the same year at Shiomi Architects and Associates. Since 2012 until present, he is an assistant professor Sojo University.



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