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Prefabricated, Concrete

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September 29th 1913, Daimiel, Ciudad Real, Spain

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  • 1994 - Golden Medal for Architecture
  • 2003 - National Prize for Architecture

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"Architecture is limited space as such it needs a material limitation, and this, just like our own bodies, must have a skin."
Miguel Fisac

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born 1913, Daimiel, Ciudad Real
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He obtained his degree at the School of Architecture of Madrid in 1942. His first work was completed that same year: the Holy Spirit Church, built upon the remains of the auditorium of the Student Residence in Madrid. During a trip to Sweden he would discover the works of Gunnar Asplund, which would influence his concept on architecture. Always working with newer materials, his style evolved over time: from abstract classicism he moves toward a greater use of brick, which he would later abandon for concrete, especially pre-stressed concrete, his patented invention. Some of his most emblematic works are from this last period, like the Hydrographical Study Centre or the Jorba Laboratories.



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