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May 16th 2011, Vienna, Austria

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Mies. TV
1010 Vienna, Austria

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  • 2019 - Architecture Honor – City of Vienna

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"Architecture backstage!"
Mies. TV


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May 03rd, 2021

Mies. TV Change this

Change thisVienna, Austria
est. 2011, Vienna
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Mies. TV is a global network of young people at the intersection of architecture and video. The documentaries focus on current themes which challenge the architecture profession and its environment. People of the architecture realm tell their stories on current issues, such as the question of beauty, housing or the architecture profession itself. At international screenings the collective tries to not only share those stories with other architects but especially with interested people that are not from the architecture field themselves. Stories of raising issues in architecture can be told in a new way through the media of video which enables complex content to be understood more easily.


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