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May 5th 1904, Rome, Italy

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Rome, Italy

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Ludovico Quaroni

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Change thisRome, Italy
born 1904, Rome
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Italian Architect, Mario Ridolfi gained his degree on 1929 with an interesting project for a Marine Colony at Castel Fusano, Rome. On the 30s he worked in many fascism competitions till to build the Nomentano Post Office in Bologna Square, Rome (1932).

After the WWII Ridolfi reinterpreted older values, techniques, materials, and details to design, in the modern approach, an ideal architectural space similar to the village tradition. This research is visible in the Ina-Casa Tiburtino neighborhood with Ludovico Quaroni, in the INA Tower in Ethiopia Boulevard in Rome (1951), Pallotta House and Chitarrini House in Terni.

On the 70s, after a car accident, he lived in Marmore (Terni) and he worked in different projects as Agip Motel in Settebagni, different private housing projects, and Terni municipality offices. He contributed to the Architect Manual (1945-46), where apport methodology in analysis and construction issues in a scientific approach, far away from his thought in his early stages.

He suicides in Marmore, Terni on 1984, probably unable to cover new works after his glaucoma disease.


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