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1923, Berat, Albania

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Kostaq Saatciu Change this

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born 1923, Berat
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Kostaq Saatciu was born in 1923 in a rich family in Berat, Albania. He started his education in architecture in the University of Zagreb and ended it in 1956 in Bucharest, Romania, due to the broken political relations with the ex-Yugoslavia.

Saatciu worked as architect in the public Institute of Design for more than 30 years. During this period he took part and led more than 100 projects as architect, urban planner and executive engineer (The Faculty of Natural Sciences in Tirana, the textile Complex of Gjirokastra, Volga Hotel and Tourism Complex in Durres and worked also in the design of the first urban regulation document of Albania.

In urban scale he took part in the projects for the historical centre of Berat, a residential complex in Cerrik, Bajram Curri and Tirana. He also gave his academic contribution working as part time lecture of the Polytechnic University of Tirana in the Faculty of Engineering focusing in “Architecture composition and urban design” and “Architectonic structures”.


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