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Reconstruction, Contemporary Architecture, Stone

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1949, Barcelona, Spain

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Teodor Roviralta 39
08022 Barcelona, Spain

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"I like that feeling of emptiness waiting to be filled and taking on the responsibility of imposing clarity."
Josep Lluís Mateo

Josep Lluís Mateo Change this

Change thisBarcelona, Spain
born 1949, Barcelona
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Josep Lluis Mateo graduated in Architecture in 1974 from the ETSAB and gained his doctorate at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 1994. He has been Professor of the Architecture and Projects Department at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich (ETH-Z) since 2002. He has also taught at various universities and lectured at foremost international academic institutions. He was Visiting Scholar at the Jean P. Getty Center in Los Angeles from 1991 to 1992. In 2009, Josep Lluis Mateo was named President of the Board of Directors of the Barcelona Institute of Architecture.

Mateo’s practice is based in Barcelona, and he is currently involved in a number of local and international projects such as a Complex of 100 housing units in Toulouse-Blagnac (France), the remodelling of El Ninot marketplace in Barcelona,the remodelling of the urban front of the river Adour in Bayonne (France), the master plan for the Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d'affaires Grand Arénas in Nice (France), among others.


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