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1976, Munich, Germany

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Jensen Ingrisch Recke Architekten
Ligsalzstrasse 16
80339 Munich, Germany

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Anne Niemann

Johannes Ingrisch Change this

Change thisMunich, Germany
born 1976, Munich

Johannes Ingrisch with Anne Niemann

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Johannes Ingrisch (born 1976, Munich) is a German architect. From 1996 to 2003 he studied architecture at the TU in Munich and at EAPLV Paris La Villette in Paris. During and after his studies hw worked for several architecture practices in Germany and France. In 2004, he won the international competition 'Lost Town' which led to a documentary. The project was nominated for the 2012 DEUBAU-Preis. In 2006 Johannes Ingrisch co-founded the office Jensen Ingrisch Recke Architekten with Christoph Jensen and Matthias von der Recke.


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