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Caricaturist, Postmodernism

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March 8th 1928, Vienna, Austria

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Gustav Peichl Change this

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born 1928, Vienna
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Gustav Peichl is an Austrian architect and caricaturist. His caricatures are drawn under the pseudonym "Ironimus" and are published in Die Presse, Süddeutsche Zeitung and ORF. He studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Austria), where was later also a rector. In 1955 he established his architecture office which become a foundation of "Atelier Peichl & Partner" in 1991. His main works are theEFA Radio Satellite Station in Aflenz (Austria), Kunst und Ausstellungshalle in Bonn (1985-1992), Extension building Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main (1987-1991), Millennium Tower in Vienna (1997-1999) and Caricature Museum in Krems (2000-2001).


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