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Future Architecture Platform, Architecture Narratives

Birth date / place

October 2nd 1992, Kaunas, Lithuania

Selected Architecture

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Rotterdam, Netherlands


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February 09th, 2020

Goda Verikaitė Change this

Change thisRotterdam, Netherlands
born 1992, Kaunas
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About Change this

Goda is a spatial designer from Lithuania, currently based in Rotterdam. She holds a master degree in interior architecture from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands. In her work she looks into interdisciplinary approaches and speculative designs as tools to imagine new narratives, by employing different methods, such as: writing, modelling, mapping, collaging images and videos, and publishing fictional newspapers. Her project 'Recycling Utopia', presented in Future Architecture Platform, is inviting to explore possible/impossible futures of Socialist mass housing. Next to working in architecture and urban research studios she is curating an experimental collective-platform for architecture and arts called No Purpose, which seeks for more process-orientated spatial practices.


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