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November 30th 1931, Trieste, Italy

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Semeranietamaro Architects
Via dei Bidischini 3/1
34016 Trieste, Italy

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Change thisTrieste, Italy
born 1931, Trieste
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Gigetta Tamaro received her degree on 1958 with Giuseppe SamonĂ  and became Giancarlo De Carlo's assistant in IUAV, Venice. She was visiting professor at Wiener Architekturseminar, Universitat Politecnica of Catalunya, and professor at UniTs in Trieste. She also founded DO.CO.MO.MO. (Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement) in Italy. Some of her works are the Trieste urban center requalification (1973), the expansion of SS. Giovanni e Paolo Hospital in Venice (1978), Maggiore Hospital of Trieste (1980), Silos urban terminal in Trieste (1987-95), and the requalification of Rogers Station in Trieste.


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