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Choletes, Neo Andean Architecture

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November 1st 1971, Catavi, Bolivia

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"I have created what I call the New Andean Architecture in El Alto."
Freddy Mamani Silvestre


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September 16th, 2020

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born 1971, Catavi
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Freddy Mamani or Freddy Mamani Silvestre (born November 1, 1971) is a Bolivian architect noted for his development of the Neo-Andean architectural style. His work is most associated with the city of El Alto and with the new social class of upwardly mobile indigenous Bolivians.

Mamani was born in Catavi and received his degrees from the Universidad Mayor de San Andres and Universidad Boliviana de Informática. He is aiming to imbue culture, color and personality into the "monochrome" city of El Alto, through buildings based on ancient local architecture and craft. The architect has strived to slowly transform El Alto with his colorful architecture.



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